I don't bite.

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I think it’s really funny when I tag things only ‘zankie’ and not ‘bb16’ to stay away from the haters but my posts still get reblogged with hate.

So you searched the Zankie tag to hate on the Zankie tag?

Seems pretty extra to me from someone who continually calls us extra.

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Days after Michael Brown’s death, Ferguson looks like a war zone

A vigil held for Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager gunned down by Ferguson, Mo., police on Saturday in disputed circumstances, turned into what the media described as a riot on Monday evening.

But while national coverage has focused on the indisputably counterproductive violence and destruction committed by Ferguson residents during a moment of anguish, videos and photos taken from the scene show local police aggravating the situation as well.

Years of tension have reached a boiling point

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Frankie: This is what best friends do. They touch each other in inappropriate places and get naked and shower.
Zach: Oh, well, speaking of a shower, I haven’t showered in 2 days so…
Frankie: Do you want me to shower you?
Zach: Yeah.

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